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Who fancies a MEXICAN POP UP Restaurant in Masham? Ooh la la, I know I do…and Lucy and I are very excited about this one!

Due to popular demand, The Square Kitchen are doing their first ever Mexican night.

So this is going to take some researching, I didn’t realise how much there was to Mexican food, all the different types of chillies available, it blows my mind!

Speaking of chillies I’ve just ordered some Chipotle Chillies and Guajillo Chillies, both taste totally different. The Chipotle Chillies hold a really distinctive, deep, smoky flavour with a kick of heat – these are used to make Chipotle en Abode, a staple in Mexican cooking.

We’ve already been testing some dishes out, Lucy’s has made Chicken Burritos with Pico de Gallo Salsa, which was pico delicious! Along side was of course Guacamole, Chipotle Crème and homemade Salsa…total flavour explosions! I’ve been making Empanadas filled with Tinga Chicken, which were quite challenging I must admit! I’ve also made Carne con Chillie, a true Mexican dish, (not the Tex Mex version of chillie con carne, these are two totally different dishes). Another thing I have learnt is that the original Caesar salad comes from Mexico – who knew that?! So keep an eye out for some of these flavours popping up on the menu.

But, it’s not all about the food though, it’s got to be about the Tequilla of course! We cannot wait to be serving some shaking Margaritas on our Mexican evening.

So come on let’s celebrate with our Sombreros, Tequilla and Tortillas and have a feast, please come and join us in for our Mexican Pop Up Restaurant in Masham on Friday 2nd March 2018, with the Square Kitchen girls.

Love Sarah x