Laid in the bath wondering what 2017 would bring and within minutes my phone buzzed and a txt from Lucy “I have a business proposition for you” my mind went into overdrive wondering what it could be what adventure lays ahead! I met up with Lucy 2 days later…

So here we are today launching our plans for “Number Thirteen”

I have a real passion for food and love to cook for my family. I too have been inspired by my mum ( a farmers wife ), who always had a home cooked meal on the table for us, and a wonderful grandma which I spent many weekends baking, chutney making and crafting with her, such special memories to have, memories which I can now show in my food and family!

As well as the two wondrous women in my life I have a very food enthusiastic husband who’s love of food is as great as mine which gives me the drive to cook every day, so it’s always a talking point in our house “what’s cooking today”!

So here’s to many exciting times ahead and who better to share and experience this with my great friend Lucy, thank you for texting me that night! I’m sure we’ll have a great time together sharing out our love for food and fun to others!!!

Love Sarah x