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It was New Year’s Day and i was pondering over what lay ahead of me in the coming months. I’d sold my sweet business (Bah Humbugs) three months previous and was looking for a new challenge…. but what could it be? Having been self employed for twelve years i knew that i’d struggle entering the realms of employment again, i’m pretty certain i’d not like taking orders from someone else so that ruled that out.

So what to do… i kept coming back to the one of the things in life that I adore – FOOD! I pretty much plan each day around meals; breakfast, lunch and tea (and a few snacks thrown in too) – being a proud Northerner i prefer to use the word tea for an evening meal (or dinner if we’re going out to eat at night). Supper is a snack you’d have before bed, not something you have at 7pm is it?

Anyway, back to my love of food… I love everything about it, the colours, the flavours, the textures. I like menu planning, talking about food, watching cookery programmes and eating food – yes, that’s my favourite bit if I’m honest… I’d much rather go food shopping than clothes shopping and i like nothing better than hosting dinner parties and getting excited about cooking for friends.

I had a very good teacher in the form of my mother and she has pretty much taught me all i know in the kitchen. She also runs Bordar House Teas in Masham and has done for about 33 years now… a tea room which serves famous bacon sarnies, full English breakfasts and homemade scones with lashings of fresh jam and cream to thousands of customers each year. Running this business whilst having six children and being a farmer’s wife has been no mean feat and one which I’ve always admired. So you may think that i’m rambling on now, but to cut a long story short, it came upon me that New Years Day that the cafe was always empty at night and was just the perfect venue to host a Pop Up Restaurant – somewhere that I could host a range of different dining experiences that currently weren’t on offer in Masham already, coupled with outstanding customer service (something which i’m a stickler for).

But I knew that I couldn’t host, cook and run these events on my own… I needed a partner in crime and that’s where Sarah comes in – she’s a fabulous cook who shares my love of great food. She’s as fussy and particular as me, she’s a good friend and very importantly we have a laugh together. Who could be better to join forces with and launch a Pop Up Restaurant with? So I arranged a business meeting with her (I actually texted her & asked if she’d be up for a new venture…) and she enthusiastically agreed!

So that’s how it all began… a glass of wine in the bath on New Year’s Day and a bit of imagination…

Lucy x