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After our first fantastic Spring Pop Up in Masham with some amazing feedback from our customers (which we thank you for), our second pop up Italian night had to follow in the same way, and so it did!

I have a real passion for Italian food, my family and I have been to Italy a few times and we have always come back inspired by their way of cooking simple, classic and rustic flavours. The Italians are so passionate about their food and Lucy and I wanted to get that same experience across in our Italian night. With only a few ingredients to play with you can deliver on fantastic flavour in the food. We set out to achieve a 4 course meal, so what better way to start the night with some classic Italian antipasti, including fabulous artichokes and peppers, crunchy crostini with juicy tomatoes and basil, olives and a selection of meat, pure Italy on a board!

Followed by a pasta course, and of course hand-made pasta! Lucy said, “we can just buy fresh pasta you know Sarah!” But no way!! We would make it ourselves!! My husband bought me a pasta machine one Christmas and I have never looked back,  I just love making it and what a treat it is to eat, so light and fresh, so the dish made was silk handkerchiefs with a fresh pesto –  all plates came back clean and the feedback was wonderful!

For the main course we decided on a rustic beef dish braised with red wine and mushrooms (manzo e fungi en vino) served with polenta topped with sage and burnt butter, it was certainly a dish with depth and melt in the mouth beef. The polenta is a great store cupboard ingredient, an alternative to the humble mash potato! We also served Chicken in Marsala (pollo alla marsala), a succulent chicken breast in a classic Marsala wine, a very old fashioned dish but served up to date, the taste didn’t disappoint, I do love a good old classic dish!

And what a way to end a 4 course meal with a choice of desserts, one was the ultimate classic tiramisu, super tasty, light, chocolaty, coffee and boozy (I think that satisfies everyone needs in a dessert!). Or the other choice a simple vanilla panna cotta with a shot of rum and topped with a tangy lime syrup, this went down well, truly sublime!

And definitely not forgetting about the Italian red or white wine we had to accompany the meal, or a glass of prosecco if they fancied! Simply Bellisimo!

Cin cin (cheers)

Sarah x