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So we’re a good few months into our business venture but we’ve come to a bit of a stumbling block! Not long after we launched back in March we discovered that there were a few businesses in this part of North Yorkshire called 13, Thirteen or derivatives of this number. We’d decided to use this name as we’re based at my mum’s caff, Bordar House Teas which is at 13 The Market Place in Masham but it’s lead to a bit of confusion! We like to think what we’re offering is something a bit different, something that isn’t really on offer already in this area – a Pop Up Restaurant (which can ‘Pop Up’ at any town), offering quality home-cooked food, sometimes following a specific food-theme. So we really don’t want any brand confusion surrounding our business.

As well as this, nationally there are hundreds of businesses using this number in their business names and therefore this led to problems with us being found on social media and on search engines. And we just can’t have that, when we’re very much reliant upon technology!

So, for these reasons, we’ve decided to change the name of the business! Re-branding at five months old is a bit bonkers I know, but we do believe it’s for the best! So it was back to the drawing board….. what to call ourselves…. And this is what we’ve come up with……(drum roll please…….)…….


We feel this very much reflects us as we’re based at the caff, which is right on THE SQUARE in Masham, and we’re running a Kitchen…. So there you have it….. THE SQUARE KITCHEN.

‘The Square’ was a name previously suggested by Sarah but it was ruled out for a couple of reasons …. but I must give credit to my little brother Jack who came up with this name, and he’ll no doubt remind me forever more that this was his idea…..!

So there you have it…..we’ll now be known as Lucy & Sarah from The Square Kitchen – we hope you like it and can understand our reasons for changing.

Who knew naming a business could be so tough!